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Drag Race Rear




Jr. Dragster & Kart

Airheart offers Kart and Jr. Dragster Brake kits in five different brake/master cylinder/disc combinations. Each caliper is equipped with the Airheart retracting system that eliminates drag and compensates for wear without the bother of shims or adjustments.

Each kit contains:
  • one Airheart caliper disc brake
  • connectors
  • master cylinder
  • 4 oz. of Airheart "Red" fluid
  • disc and hub machined for a 1-inch diameter shaft with a 1/4" x 1/4" keyway

Do Not Use Mineral Based (red) Fluid in master cylinders or brakes designed for automotive brake fluid or vice versa. Use of the wrong fluid will result in system failure.

Service Kits for discontinued calipers


Airheart MB1 Series (kit)

Brake Mechanical, Vehicular Only: Airheart MB1 Series(kit)

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